Dealing With Emergency Dental Issue

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Any number of things could have gone wrong, some of which would have been no fault of the patient. So sadly ironic then that what used to be shiny, white and healthy teeth, as well as gums, has been battered literally to pieces after a truly nasty accident. And this unlucky patient was merely the passenger quite minding her own affairs during the journey. Having to go in for emergency dentistry los angeles treatment now places her on a new journey.

It could be a long journey. The journey could be over in a matter of days. It all depends on just how severe the damage done to her teeth and gums has been. Either way, it is fortunate that, either way, the unfortunate young lady will be rescued by the dentistry work required. It may not have been necessary to replace her damaged teeth. But damaged teeth they are and they may still need fillings and/or implants.

The gums need to be repaired as well so that no further bleeding and bacterial disease is possible. All gaps need to be stopped because such areas are favorite breeding grounds for bacterial disease. Leaving a chipped tooth exposed just so would be inviting infection which, left unattended, can get worse. The worst case scenario for this poor patient would have been the replacement of teeth. But it is not the end of the world for her.

It is, however, the beginning of a new world. Once the exact impression of her old teeth (if more had to come out) have been taken, she need not wait longer than a few hours to be fitted with new teeth. While they look just as her old teeth once did, she would still need to acclimatize herself to them.