When Will Psychiatric Treatment Be Required?

It should usually be left to a formally qualified clinical psychologist or psychiatrist to make that prescribed call. But in cases of dire emergency, it is quite possible for a general (medical) practitioner or qualified lay caregiver to schedule an urgent inpatient psychiatric treatment atlanta appointment on behalf of the distressed patient or person. And in actual fact, it should best be left to qualified practitioners to, quite literally, take over the life of that person now in extreme need.

Because to be quite honest with you, and to put it bluntly to you, that distressed person may have completely lost it by now. Things are not going well. The stressed out or troubled person is not in a position to think clearly or rationally. He or she, need it be said, is not calm. But to be positive, he or she is actually doing a lot better than perhaps, say, twenty or thirty minutes ago. Whether in the doctor’s rooms or holding on for dear life while the lay caregiver on the line listens carefully to what the distressed person can tell her, also taking down important details, other buttons are being pressed so to speak.

inpatient psychiatric treatment atlanta

The caregiver is fully trained to take immediate action. There is no delay. All calls are treated as high priority. You wonder though; is it possible for the trained caregiver to identify so-called crank calls? Quite possibly. Nevertheless, should anyone out there be in a stressed situation, no matter what the level of intensity, he or she need not wait for a recommendation from the GP. It cannot be known just how serious your predicament may be.

It could be a false alarm. But it could be really bad. That needs to be taken into account.